What’s better than winning a race on four wheels? How about winning a race on three wheels…

The 2020 Formula One British Grand Prix was an absolute stunner. It was like watching the Masters, when five guys dumped it in the water at Amen Corner.

When professional athletes take risks, some fail and some claim glory.

Silverstone Circuit is known to put a serious amount of pressure on tires (tyres) with all of its twists and turns. The cars are now faster than ever, making it even more challenging for teams to put together a winning strategy.

We saw tires blown, penalties and “unsportsmen like” conduct. A huge congrats to Lewis Hamilton, who once again proved he is the best race car driver in the world.

Mercedes Car is Too Fast

I’m not calling for Mercedes to slow down. Everyone else just needs to speed up. Let’s face it, Mercedes were miles ahead until they blew out their tires. Hamilton just made it over the finish line on his tires and I have huge respect for Mercedes for taking risks and going for wins.

The reality is, other teams need to catch up. Whether it’s a Formula 1 change in rules for funds or simply making their cars faster, something needs to change. Great article on the $175 million cap for each team starting in 2021 by Forbes with link at the bottom. Will it make a difference?

Mercedes F1

Mysterious Hulkenburg Car Fiasco

Was Nico Hulkenburg a victim of the Sergio Perez Mexican Mafia? We were all looking forward to “The Hulk” being back on the track after losing his seat last year. We all know Sergio has a huge financial backing from Mexican companies Telmex and Telcel. I find it very convenient the car wasn’t ready for race day. If Nico had a race this weekend, would he have given Perez a run for his money?

Sergio Perez Right

Why Did Verstappen Pit (Box)?

In all fairness to Max Verstappen, I think he had a stellar race. The Mercedes car was just too fast. We have no idea what condition his tires were in at the end of the race, so there’s no reason to assume he could have caught up to Hamilton. However, shouldn’t we see more risk taking from Christian Horner and Red Bull? You guys are 68 points behind in the 2020 Constructors Standings…


Overall the British Grand Prix was a great addition to an already action packed 2020 season. Hopefully the teams will figure out a new tire strategy for next week because we are headed back to Silverstone for the Emirates Formula 1 70th Anniversary Grand Prix.

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