F1 Travel Review Silverstone Circuit

Great Britain has always fascinated Americans. They have a monarch, guzzle down tea and we’ve both duked it out in a few wars.

If there’s one thing the Brits should be known for across the globe, it’s the majestic Silverstone Circuit (race track) in Northamptonshire. No, it’s not in Lord of the Rings Middle-Earth. It’s actually in England.

Race tracks play a huge role in Formula 1 as every circuit is different and provides new challenges for each team every week. Silverstone is essentially the home of F1, as many of the teams have bases in the UK, including: McLaren, Haas, Mercedes, Racing Point (soon to be Aston Martin 2021), Red Bull, Renault and Williams.

Below is the ultimate travel guide for the Silverstone Circuit and what you should expect when you attend The British Grand Prix:

Quick Facts – Silverstone

  • First Grand Prix – 1950
  • Circuit Length – 5.891 km (3.6604 miles)
  • Location – Silverstone, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

RAF History at Silverstone

In 1943, the British teamed up with the Americans to kick the Nazis out of Europe and the RAF (Royal Air Force) built Silverstone. The airfield has three runways assembled in the classic WWII triangle format. This is the outline of the present track.


Why Should You Travel to Silverstone?

Formula One drivers have fighter pilot mentalities. When you put them on a track that was literally made for fast flying aircraft, you create an atmosphere of epic speed and excitement. We all need to remember that Britain is also known for the Premier League, which has created incredible football stadium experiences for fans. Silverstone is a jewel in the world of motorsport.

Silverstone Circuit is known to put a serious amount of pressure on tires (tyres) with all of its twists and turns. The cars are now faster than ever, making it even more challenging for teams to put together a winning strategy.

Hass F1 Racing

Grandstands & Hospitality

Just like a world class football stadium, Silverstone has grandstand spectating and hospitality options, which include: Trackside, Traditional (for those that like the buffet) and a “Refined British Hospitality” option (for the fanatical F1 fans).

As for grandstands, you gotta go with the Becketts Grandstand overlooking the high-speed Maggots and Becketts corners. They are historically well known in F1 for creating some serious drama. For all you golf fans out there, this is like Amen Corner at The Masters. The only difference is, if the driver makes a mistake, it could be fatal.


Food and Travel Options

Silverstone is only a 1.5 hour drive from London and could be packaged into an epic trip. How does grabbing a few pints, checking out Big Ben and chowing on some traditional Fish&Chips sound?

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Silverstone should be at the top of everyone’s list when traveling to a Grand Prix. The history, layout and atmosphere all combine to make amazing memories at the home of Formula One.

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