The question is, do you want to be “wankers or rockstars”? For all of you Americans out there wondering what a wanker is, I can assure you it’s not a term of endearment!

Gunther Steiner, Team Principle of Haas F1 Racing was asking this exact question of his own team in season 1 of the Netflix series Formula 1 Drive to Survive. This is only a small part of the drama displayed on one of the best sports entertainment shows in history.

“Formula 1 Drive to Survive” follows 10 racing teams competing to win all the glory over a season that stretches across the world at 21 different race tracks (or circuits). There are two drivers (20 total) per team. Yes, let me repeat that, each team has two drivers! This means that you will have guys competing against their own teammates, which in turn causes loads of drama.

It’s like watching the “Real House Wives of Orange County” driving race cars that speed around at over 230 mph. One little bump can cause complete disaster on and off the track.

I know what you’re thinking, race car driving is boring, they only go around in circles and have stupid beer advertisements on their racing suits…

Well that’s what racing is in America, and I love America but NASCAR is simply not the same as Formula 1. The playing field changes at every race just like in golf.

For example, you could be in the Monaco Grand Prix speeding around the pier in Monte Carlo watching all the beautiful models drink their champagne in one race or in Singapore at the Marina Bay Circuit screaming down the track at night under the lights.

Just to clarify, these tracks are winding, hilly and dangerous but super fun! Also, you will never, and I mean never, see a team of people change tires and pit box race cars (2-7 seconds on average) as fast as they do in Formula 1. It’s incredible!

Think of it as real life Mario Kart, without the bananas and oil slick weapons. In all seriousness, how did we not know Formula 1 was this cool? What was I doing with my life before this?

I urge you to check out the show on Netflix! “Formula 1 Drive to Survive” has certainly changed the way I look at motorsports and I now consider myself a passionate fan.

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