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There’s no other golf event that captures the passion of team competition like the Ryder Cup. Team USA and Team Europe tee it up every two years at different venues across the two continents. Read more…

The Open Championship is the “Original Major”. It has a legacy for producing great champions that always seem to end up in Rolex commercials. All joking aside, it is a must win for all PGA Tour major contenders. Read more..

Team USA and Team International square off every two years at stunning golf courses across the globe. The competition is fierce and although Team USA has dominated, a growing number of international players are tightening the matches. Read more…

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True Links Courses (G. Pepper & M. Campbell)

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Scotland’s Most Delectable Golf Whisky Regions

There’s nothing better than playing golf in Scotland, being way way way over par, then enjoying a “wee dram” after 9 holes to make yourself feel better. The Scots are known for two things: Golf and Scotch whiskey. In all fairness – kilts, bagpipes, castles, universities and rebelling against England are interesting traits as well.Continue reading “Scotland’s Most Delectable Golf Whisky Regions”

The 6 Best Street Circuits in Formula 1

The Monaco Grand Prix in Formula 1 is the most iconic sporting event in the racing world. Beautiful fashion models drinking champagne on yachts tends to attract fans. I’m certainly not complaining. However, if we’re being honest, Monaco isn’t the best street circuit in Formula 1 for racing entertainment. I’ve ranked the 6 Best StreetContinue reading “The 6 Best Street Circuits in Formula 1”

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