Formula 1 has gained massive popularity in the last few years and it’s in part due to their ten amazing racing teams. Week in, week out, the drivers, principals and engineers create incredible racing entertainment.

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It’s truly an impressive feat, with thousands of people traveling the world to set up a Grand Prix in a different country each week.

These are the worlds greatest and most popular Formula 1 race teams.

Scuderia Ferrari logo.

Scuderia Ferrari

Founder: Enzo Ferrari

Current Team Principal: Frédéric Vasseur & Laurent Mekies

Current Engine Provider: Ferrari

First Formula 1 Season: 1950

Ferrari is not only the hottest sports car in existence, it also is the most successful Formula 1 team in history. With 16 Constructors Championships and 15 Driver Championships (as of 2023), Ferrari is officially the “Greatest Team Of All Time”. In recent years however, they have struggled. Red Bull and Mercedes have out classed Ferrari over the last 15 years and there seems to be no end in sight. The Ferrari Tifosi (fans) will never give up on their team but when will Ferrari start winning again? Only time will tell…

Red Bull Racing Logo.

Founder: Dietrich Mateschitz

Current Team Principal: Christian Horner

Current Engine Provider: Honda

First Formula 1 Season: 2005

The Red Bull Formula 1 team not only got off to a hot start durning its debut season in 2005, since then, it has had an incredible amount of success in its short history. As of 2023 it has won five Constructors Championships and six Driver Championships. Currently, Red Bull is destroying the field with their Honda engines and expert engineering. The question is “How long will it last”? Only time will tell, success in Formula 1 is short lived and most successful teams have to go back to the drawing board year after year. As for now, Red Bull is the best performing team in the world.

Mercedes Petronas Formula 1 Team Logo.

Founder: MercedesBenz

Current Team Principal: Toto Wolff

Current Engine Provider: Mercedes

First Formula 1 Season: 1954

Mercedes-Benz is a popular house hold name all around the world. Not only do they make beautiful luxury cars but they also engineer some of the best performing Formula 1 cars in existence. Mercedes Petronas Formula 1 team is one of the most successful on the grid, capturing eight Constructors Championships and nine Drivers Championships since its first season. Until recently, the team seemed rather invincible with Toto Wolff’s leadership and Lewis Hamilton’s driving. Currently they are trying to figure out how they can get back the speed they once had to take down the current champs, Red Bull.

McLaren Formula 1 Team Logo.

Founder: Bruce McLaren

Current Team Principal: Zak Brown

Current Engine Provider: Mercedes

First Formula 1 Season: 1966

McLaren makes super fast luxury cars. It’s hard to believe they’re even street legal for civilians. With that said, they are in fact one of the most decorated Formula 1 teams in the sport with eight Constructors Championships and twelve Drivers Championships as of 2023. Recently, however, they just can’t seem to win. May be it has something to do with the fact they use a competitors Engine (Mercedes)? Not sure your competitor will provide you the “best” if they want to beat you. With that said, McLaren is doing everything they can to get back to former glory.

Williams Racing Logo.

Founder: Frank Williams & Patrick Head

Current Team Principal: James Vowles

Current Engine Provider: Mercedes

First Season in Formula 1: 1977

Williams Racing has really not been relevant since the 90’s but they are a notable mention as they are one of the most successful Formula 1 teams to race in the sport. They’ve won nine Constructors Championships and Seven Drivers Championships since 1977. Their blue race cars are beautiful, but have not won many races in the past 20 years. Again, another team currently using a Mercedes (competitor) engine. Not sure we will see them on the podium much in the future…

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