Let’s be honest with ourselves, no one really knows or cares where or what Bahrain is, but they have an incredible Grand Prix each year in Formula 1!

The Kingdom of Bahrain is an island country located in Western Asia that has a colorful history and vibrant culture for such a small nation. The Bahrain Formula 1 Grand Prix is by far the biggest sporting event in the country.

The Bahrain International Circuit is basically located in the middle of the desert, but don’t let this fool you! It’s an amazing circuit that is respected by all Formula 1 drivers.

Quick Facts – Bahrain International Circuit

  • First Grand Prix – 2004
  • Circuit Length – 5.412 km (3.363 miles)
  • Location – Sakhir, Bahrain

Circuit Design and Construction

Designed by German architect Hermann Tilke, the Bahrain International Circuit is a full on race complex. It’s fitted with six separate tracks and is known to be one of the best karting facilities in the world for young drivers.

Race night at Bahrain International Circuit.
Bahrain International Circuit

Many people were worried sand would be an issue as it’s located in the middle of a desert. Scientists developed an adhesive that’s sprayed on to the sand next to the track to prevent this serious issue.

Why should you travel to Bahrain?

Surprisingly, Bahrain International Circuit sees intense racing action year in and year out. It’s a world class race track that does promote competition with overtaking and pushes Formula 1 drivers to their limits. Given the warm climate, Bahrain is also a great place to vacation in the numerous luxury resorts the country has to offer.

Grandstands & Hospitality

Given the flat nature of the terrain, all grandstand seating and hospitality options are recommended. Bahrain pulls out all the stops for their largest sporting event with luxurious hospitality and world class service.

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Pack your bags and head to the tiny Island of Bahrain! It’s the worlds best desert racing circuit hands down!

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