Okay, before explaining why you should visit these beautiful modern day colosseums, we need to mention, we will be writing about the top stadiums in Europe with the best atmosphere in other articles. So for all the wonderful passionate fans out there that support some of the great teams in Europe, your time will come.

We just don’t want you to think ”hey man, why didn’t you mention our stadium, we’ve won like 1,000 Champions League titles and have the best atmosphere in the entire world”. No worries! This is just for people who are interested in traveling and want to see some of the worlds most amazing soccer venues.

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So without further ado, below are the top 5 football Stadiums in Europe (not ranked best to least or vice versa):

The Allianz Arena – Munich, Germany

Home of teams Bayern Munich and 1860 Munich, the Allianz Arena packs a huge punch with its own Paulaner Beer Hall. During game day matches (up to 2 hours before), you can order amazing half liters of perfect German beer and chow down on some delicious brats. Opened in 2005, the stadium holds 75,024 people and for a stadium this size, it really doesn’t have a bad seat in the house. The most passionate fans are seated at the Südkurve and they are a sight to see with their amazing chants. Win or lose these people will support their team until the end. This is a must do when visiting Munich!

Camp Nou – Barcelona, Spain

This mammoth of a stadium that seats 99,354 has seen FC Barcelona rain terror on other teams by winning trophy after trophy since its opening in 1957. Camp Nou is the largest capacity stadium in Europe and could be described as intimidating whether you visit with or without fans. So much history has taken place here, it should be at the top of your list when visiting Barcelona.

Camp Nou

San Siro – Milan, Italy

Perhaps one of the most iconic stadiums in Europe, with its cutting edge Italian design, this venue is simply timeless. Since it’s birth in 1926 it’s important to point out that the San Siro currently houses two of the greatest teams in Europe, AC Milan and Internazionale. The tifosi (Italian for fans) are certainly a sight to see with their chanting and colorful smoke bombs. The stadium has a long list of architects Cugini, Stacchini (1925) Perlasca, Bertera (1935) Ronca, Calzolari (1955) Ragazzi, Hoffer, Finzi (1990). I recommend attending a game while in Milano because this stadium can only be properly experienced with Italian Calcio atmosphere!

Old Trafford – Manchester, England

There’s simply no way I can write about anything to do with the Premier League without offending someone. The fans are just too passionate and I love them for it! Hopefully no one calls me a ”wanker” in the comments. I just don’t think there’s a more iconic field in the Premier League than Old Trafford, Manchester United’s home turf. It has a history and design that represent greatness. It’s only the eleventh largest stadium in Europe but I can assure you, if you’re a visiting team, this place will make you piss your pants like that one guy in the movie Gladiator.

Santiago Bernabeu – Madrid, Spain

It seems like every time I watch a massively important game it’s always at the Bernabeu. Most of the time it’s my team losing but that’s a different story. The best way to describe this amazing structure, built in 1947, is ”height”. Once you step foot on the grounds you literally look straight up and think, man this place is massive. It’s hard to even believe people can sit in the ”nosebleed seats” as they are looking straight down on the action. It must be an optical illusion because the stadium is not the highest in Europe. Real Madrid need to thank architects Manuel Muñoz Monasterio, Luis Alemany Soler, and Antonio Lamela because their pitch is one of the most psychologically intimidating structures in European football.

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