Let’s be real, most people in sports don’t know “diddily squat” about fashion.

However, we can all appreciate the fact that Paris, France is the original Fashion Capital of the World.

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The French take pride in how they dress, so it’s no surprise many of their soccer team uniforms look badass. Here are the best looking jerseys in Ligue 1:

Paris St-Germain – 1970

PSG is one the the most high profile football clubs in the world. Their jersey is an absolute stunner year in and year out. We may be a biased Americans, but their club colors of red, white and blue, are by far the best combination of any other team in Europe. The logo is also a piece of art, featuring the Eiffel Tower and Fleur-de-lis. PSG is enjoying great success in Ligue 1 and are looking to try and add a Champions League title to their trophy case.

Olympique de Marseille – 1899

Olympique Marseille is a top rival of PSG on the pitch, but they also give them a run for their money in the “best looking jersey” competition. Simple yet refined, their jersey is a beautiful representation of a city that is an important part of French history. Its colors of baby blue and white are meant to honor their location overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

AS Monaco FC – 1924

Monaco is one of our all time favorite places on earth. Who doesn’t like high class casinos and super yachts? Well, even if you can’t afford to live there, you could at least buy a Monaco FC jersey and tell everyone you’re from Monte Carlo. There’s no doubt you would look the part, the red and white jersey with the crown logo is pure class.

FC Nates – 1943

Founded during World War II, Nates is one of the most successful teams in French football but are another organization that hasn’t preformed in recent years. They sport green and yellow colors with a simple logo that might be my all time favorite of all the teams in Ligue 1. I hope to see them back up top some day in the future.

Relegated in 2023 AS Saint-Etinne – 1933

On paper, Saint-Etinne is the most successful club in Ligue 1 with 10 titles. Many novice football fans may have never even heard of them. That’s because in recent years the team has struggled with finances and performance. With that being said, the Saint Etinne has never had a problem in the jersey department. “Le Vert” (the greens) have an impressive kit and logo that stand out in Ligue 1.

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