F1 Travel Review Circuit Gilles Villeneuve Montreal

There are loads of on going jokes about Canada in America… Like, they’re America’s little brother, their navy consists of only a few canoes or their only authentic food export is Maple Syrup. Of course, as funny as those puns may be, Canada is, in reality, an amazing nation. The country has one of theContinue reading “F1 Travel Review Circuit Gilles Villeneuve Montreal”

F1 Travel Review Baku City Circuit

Azerbaijan sounds like a magical kingdom in the fantasy series Game of Thrones but in fact it’s a former Soviet bloc nation located on the Caspian Sea. The capital city of Baku hosts an amazing street circuit Formula 1 race and it’s truly one of the most exciting venues on the schedule. We can onlyContinue reading “F1 Travel Review Baku City Circuit”

F1 Travel Review Miami International Autodrome

If you’ve ever seen Miami Vice, you know it’s a city filled with fast, sexy cars and dangerous criminals. Fortunately, Miami is not nearly as violent as it used to be. Ironically, thanks to much of the drug money from the past, Miami has become a luxurious beach city nestled in one of the mostContinue reading “F1 Travel Review Miami International Autodrome”

F1 Travel Review Imola, Italy

Located in Central Italy, Imola is a racing circuit that defines Formula 1 and holds a special place in the history of the sport. Also known as Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari, Imola is considered the official home of Ferrari. This circuit has held a consistent place on the Formula 1 schedule for manyContinue reading “F1 Travel Review Imola, Italy”

F1 Travel Review Bahrain International Circuit

Let’s be honest with ourselves, no one really knows or cares where or what Bahrain is, but they have an incredible Grand Prix each year in Formula 1! The Kingdom of Bahrain is an island country located in Western Asia that has a colorful history and vibrant culture for such a small nation. The BahrainContinue reading “F1 Travel Review Bahrain International Circuit”

F1 Travel Review Albert Park Melbourne

Australia is infamous for its dangerous wildlife. Fielding the most deadly snakes than any other country in the world… It’s no surprise then that Australia also has one of the most exhilarating Formula 1 circuits on the schedule. The Aussie’s love adventure! Albert Park is normally one of the first races of the year. However,Continue reading “F1 Travel Review Albert Park Melbourne”

F1 Travel Review Circuit de Monaco

The Monaco Grand Prix is “A tradition unlike any other”… Oh wait, that’s the wrong sporting event… Let’s hope the top brass at Augusta National aren’t upset with me! The Masters Tournament ranks as the number 1 golf sporting event in America. Of course, the Monaco Grand Prix is similar in that it’s the mostContinue reading “F1 Travel Review Circuit de Monaco”

6 Best Formula 1 Street Circuits

The Monaco Grand Prix in Formula 1 is the most iconic sporting event in the racing world. Beautiful fashion models drinking champagne on yachts tends to attract fans. I’m certainly not complaining. However, if we’re being honest, Monaco isn’t the best street circuit in Formula 1 for racing entertainment. We’ve ranked the 6 Best StreetContinue reading “6 Best Formula 1 Street Circuits”

F1 Travel Review Nürburgring

Overall the year 2020 pretty much sucks… However, the one good thing about this year, is the Nürburgring is back on the Formula 1 schedule, to host the Eifel Grand Prix. This race track is hallowed ground for Formula One fans. Very similar to the Old Course in St Andrews or Fenway Park in Boston,Continue reading “F1 Travel Review Nürburgring”

F1 Travel Review Mugello Circuit, Italy

Formula One is finally coming to Tuscany this weekend marking it the 1000th Grand Prix for Ferrari. Mugello, owned by Ferrari, is the new kid on the block of F1 venues. Formula One drivers who have tested the circuit are already giving it rave reviews. Below is the ultimate travel guide for the Autodromo InternazionaleContinue reading “F1 Travel Review Mugello Circuit, Italy”