Have you thought about traveling to a Formula 1 race? Where to? Monaco, Texas, Italy, Spain or how about the Middle East or Asia? The options are endless but there is one thing you know for sure, you must attend a Formula 1 Grand Prix.

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Whether it’s witnessing incredible racing entertainment or checking out the super models and celebrities, you will have an amazing time. These are the top five reasons you should travel to a Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Entertaining Racing Action

Aside from Indy Car in America, there’s really nothing like Formula 1. The size and scale of each Grand Prix is unparalleled. It’s hard to believe that week in, week out, each F1 team, along with thousands of employees, travel the world to set up these incredible races, each, in a different location. There is always a winner at the podium and more likely than not an epic crash (although we always want everyone to walk away safe & sound). They put on quite a show every race week, which is why you should attend!

Pic of Ferrari and Red Bull racing Formula 1
Formula 1 Grand prix Race

Unique Circuits around the World

Similar to golf, the Formula 1 playing field changes every Grand Prix. Apart from the excitement in attending a race is the unique circuit you are experiencing. Some circuits might just provide an amazing setting like Monaco, Baku City Circuit in Azerbaijan or or the Red Bull Ring in Austria. Others can give you a feeling of history and tradition like Monza in Italy or Spa in Belgium. Formula 1 are also expanding their venues to places like Vegas and Miami which add another element to your experience as a race fan.

Pic of Singapore Formula 1 at night.
Singapore Formula 1 at night

Amazing Travel Destinations

Formula 1 travels all over the world and hosts races on on five continents: Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Australia. This will excite any traveler seeking some racing adventure abroad. Currently there are 23 races per year as of 2023, which is incredible considering the massive amount of logistics it takes to put on just one race.

Red Bull Ring, Austria – June 30, 2019: Lance Stroll, (Photo by Steven Tee / LAT Images)

Luxury Hospitality

Aside from golf, there may not be another sport that has a high level of luxury hospitality like Formula 1. In fact, the hospitality available at each race might just be the finest in the world. You can explore these luxury experiences at F1 Hospitality.

Pic of Luxury Hospitality Ferrari.
Ferrari Super Car

Luxury Super Cars

With Formula 1 race teams like Mercedes, McLaren, Ferrari and Aston Martin, it’s no surprise you will see some gorgeous luxury super cars when you attend a race. This is all apart of the over all experience when attending a Formula 1 Grand Prix. Enjoy the action!

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