Sorry bro, the bad news is you don’t look like Cristiano Ronaldo nor do you play football like him in real life…

The good news is, you can play EA Sports FIFA video game and score loads of goals in the METAVERSE. Not sure that’s what the Metaverse even means, but you can cut me some slack because this is a sports travel site not a tech blog.

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The fact is, 325 million copies of FIFA have been sold as of 2022. It is by far the greatest sports video game (best selling) ever created and here’s why:

It’s simple like the beautiful game

Just like the beautiful game, FIFA is very simple. Score more goals than the other team. Also, the clock continues to run, so no running plays or waiting around for time outs. In some ways, this video game makes you respect the real games and players even more. Football is simple (yet complex) this is why it’s called the beautiful game.

Photo of great footballers.
Messi, Ronaldo, Griezmann

It’s realistic unlike other video games

Okay, so it’s not like I’ve never had the computer score on me by kicking the ball, ricocheting off 4 players, the ref, into the stands and then somehow rolls into my net. Those “glitches” rarely happen anymore. Even though there is the occasional unrealistic moment, in general, FIFA is very realistic. From fan reactions to overall game playing, FIFA is an incredible experience. Every country, team, club and player has a different style of play and FIFA does an excellent job of reflecting this that other sports games don’t do as well.

Photo of Roberto Mancini.
Roberto Mancini

It improves your knowledge of the game

You can learn everything about worldwide football (soccer) from FIFA. Players, coaches, stadiums, uniforms and season schedules are are reflected very accurately in FIFA. This gives you an opportunity to learn about your own team or maybe you decide to become a fan of a certain team while playing.

Photo of Xavi being genius.

It’s a confidence booster

Had a bad day at the office? Score some goals on FIFA before dinner. Your girlfriend dumped you? Score some goals on FIFA before pumping some iron at the gym. Played a bad round of golf? You get the point… FIFA can be fun and relaxing!

Photo of Snoop.

Everyone loves FIFA

The Bible is the most read book in the world. Not sure what that has to do with FIFA, but there’s a reason 325 million copies of FIFA have been sold as of 2022. It’s the GOAT of sports video games.

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