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The Japanese love race cars. In fact, they host one of the most epic Formula 1 races of the year at the exhilarating Suzuka International Circuit. You would think Japanese sports fans would be quiet and relatively reserved, however this is not the case, whether it’s baseball, motorsport or sumo wrestling, the Japanese are known to go wild (and then clean up the stadium afterward).

The Japanese Formula 1 Grand Prix is one of the most anticipated sporting events each year in Japan.

Quick Facts – Suzuka Circuit

  • First Grand Prix – 1987
  • Circuit Length – 5.807 km (3.609 miles)
  • Location – Suzuka, Mie Prefecture, Japan

History and Design at Suzuka

If you’re not familiar with Suzuka, you might think we are referring to an ancient Samurai warrior or some mysterious sushi roll yet to be discovered by tourists. In fact, this race track is much more than a cool name. Built in 1962 by a small and relatively unimportant car company called Honda, it was originally commissioned as a test track. Oh have times changed. Honda is now one of the worlds biggest car companies and is an engine provider for two Formula 1 teams.

Photo of Suzuka International Circuit.
Suzuka International Circuit

The circuit is a masterpiece and its a venue well respected by all the drivers in Formula 1. With S curves and super high speed straight aways, Suzuka is one the most difficult driving challenges on the F1 schedule.

Why should you travel to Japan?

Japan is an amazing country. No where else in the world does east and west come together so beautifully. Incredible landscapes, delicious food, clean metropolitan cities and historical monuments can all be experienced on a trip to Japan. Attending a sporting event is a highly recommended and unique experience that should be on everyone’s itinerary!

Beautiful photo of Mount Fuji, Japan.
Mount Fuji, Japan

Grandstands & Hospitality

If the “S” curve is a must, grab seats at Grandstands D and E. There isn’t anything like it in Formula 1. Drivers must navigate the twists and turns at tremendously high speeds. Of course Suzuka also offers a series of hospitality options and paddock passes that will have plenty of Japanese beer and Sake!

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