A famous man once said, “The only thing the French should be allowed to host… is an invasion” – Johnny English

Let’s be real, some French eccentricities and attitudes annoy many Americans. Not sure why though as we’ve been allies for many years. Heck, they gifted us the Statue of Liberty! Maybe one too many Americans ran into a rude Frenchman in Paris or ate a stale croissant?

All kidding aside, in fairness to the French, France is a wonderful country, with amazing wine, beautiful landscape and sensational cuisine. They also host the phenomenal French Grand Prix for Formula 1 at the Paul Ricard Circuit!

Quick Facts – Paul Ricard Circuit

  • First Grand Prix – 1971
  • Circuit Length – 5.842 km (3.630 miles)
  • Location – Le Castellet, Var, France

History & Design at Paul Ricard Circuit

Built in 1969, the Paul Ricard Circuit is located near Marseille at Le Castellet, Var in the south of France. Financed by the famed liquor magnate Paul Ricard, this circuit is one of the most used venues for race car testing anywhere in the world. This is because the even distribution of high, medium and low speed corners on the track.

Photo of race day at French Grand Prix.
Paul Ricard Circuit, France

The French would probably say it’s a masterpiece, much like the art hanging in the Louvre. However, the series of painted lines red, white and blue around the outside of the chicanes can make it hard to watch on television. With that being said, this circuit has been consistently on the Formula 1 schedule in recent years and deserves to stay. Vive la France!

Why Should you Travel to France?

The French Riviera is arguably the best part of France. Any excuse to travel to this part of Europe is a good one, especially for a Formula 1 race! Beautiful beaches, delicious wine, charming coastal villages and Formula 1 racing create a magical week at the French Grand Prix!

Granstands & Hospitality

Best places to watch are the Chicane series of grandstands or the Virage du Pont stands near the Paul Ricard Paddock. Here you can watch the F1 cars speeding down the main straight into the final corner.

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