Many visitors to Singapore label it a “Fine” city…

No joke, it’s literally a fine city. In fact Singapore is a place you can get “fined” hard earned dollars if you get caught chewing gum, jaywalking or drinking in an area you’re not supposed to.

Man, that’s harsh…

It’s known as one of the strictest cities in the world for rules and regulations but also known for it’s cleanliness, beautiful skyline, luxurious shops, exciting nightlife, and delicious street food (very hygiene friendly of course).

It’s no surprise Formula 1 host the Singapore Grand Prix in this magical city. The city may be a little strict but it’s by far one of the best venues for a Formula 1 race and an excellent excuse to travel half way across the world to Singapore!

Quick Facts – Marina Bay Circuit

  • First Grand Prix – 2008
  • Circuit Length – 5.063 km (3.152 miles)
  • Location – Marina Bay, Singapore

History and Design at the Marina Bay Circuit

The Marina Bay Circuit is a street racetrack, similar to Monaco, built in 2008 and is located right in the middle of the core of Downtown Singapore. Even Lewis Hamilton claims this masterpiece is more difficult to navigate than the Monaco street circuit.

Race night at Marina Bay Circuit in Singapore.
Marina Bay Circuit, Singapore

When the camera view from the cockpit of a Formula 1 car is shown during the Singapore Grand Prix, it’s hard to even believe the drivers can react in enough time to avoid hitting a wall or running over a “kerb”. This track requires a tremendous amount of speed and physical endurance. To be purposely cliche, “It’s where champions are made”.

Why should you travel to Singapore?

Singapore is one of the great gems of Asia and a top destination for those looking to explore a phenomenal international city. Even Americans will have to admit, some of our “great cities” are seriously lacking in public management. When the Singapore Grand Prix comes into town, this city lights up with fun and excitement. If you could only pick one Grand Prix on the calendar, this one should be it.

Grandstands & Hospitality

You will definitely want to witness the start of the race given how challenging overtaking is on this circuit. Grandstands at turn 1, 2 and 3 should be top spots. Singapore is known for its luxurious nightclubs, restaurants and shops. So there will be plenty of luxury hospitality available at the Singapore Grand Prix.

Book your trip

Lock in those tickets and head to Singapore for a Grand Prix! Oh and leave the chewing gum at home!

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