What’s not to like about Barcelona? “The Dream Team” seemed to have a great time there during the 92′ Olympics and, let’s not forget all the great bars and bistros on Las Ramblas.

The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, current host (2020) of the Spanish Grand Prix in Formula One, is an absolutely fantastic venue. Lads who can keep their focus on racing in one of the best party towns in Europe are the ones that will have a shot at the podium.

Below is the ultimate travel guide for the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya and what you should expect when you attend the Spanish Grand Prix:

Quick Facts – Circuit de Barcelona

  • First Grand Prix – 1991
  • Circuit Length – 4.655 km (2.8924 miles)
  • Location – Montmeló, Catalonia, Spain

Exciting Formula One History

This track has seen many memorable Formula One moments over the years. For example, you have the Ayrton Senna and Nigel Mansell side-by-side duel on the entire front straight for second place in 1991.

Astonishingly, in 1994 Michael Schumacher only needed five gears to finish second. If you didn’t know, Fernando Alonso became the first Spaniard to win the Spanish Grand Prix in 2006 and this is the site of Max Verstappen’s first Formula One victory.

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

Why Travel to Circuit Barcelona?

Simply put, this circuit pushes all of the world class Formula One teams to the limit. The windy conditions, high-speed and slow speed sharp turns all contribute to an action packed Spanish Grand Prix.

It’s so demanding of the aerodynamic qualities of a racing car, it’s been used by many F1 drivers over the years for practice. Be prepared for all of the teams to pick and choose when they go for glory and when they hold back.

Grandstands & Hospitality

Hospitality is exceptional at Circuit de Barcelona as you will have an incredible vantage point overlooking a long straightaway. Turn one is the best opportunity for a driver to overtake as it’s at the end of a long DRS straight. (drag reduction system) This creates loads of drama at the beginning and the end of a race.

However, the real test is on Turn three, where the downforce capabilities of each car will be tested as these drivers push it to the limit. General admission even has amazing views of Turn three. That’s great news for people that want to witness amazing action and save money for, well, more cerveza! (beer)


Food & Travel Options

Located 12 miles northeast of the city centre, this venue is perfect for a sporting vacation. You’ll have super easy access to the circuit via train, so you can enjoy Barcelona’s culture, cuisine, nightclubs and beaches, then hurry over to the Spanish Grand prix for some racing action.

Book Your Trip

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya should be at the top of everyone’s list when traveling to a Grand Prix. So get a few buddies together and book those tickets to sunny Spain.

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