Golf was born in Scotland. It’s a rugged and brave land, that still, to this day, feels a bit rebellious.

Scotland is like the older more mature brother of Ireland. The Irish are known throughout the world as welcoming and fun. As for the Scots, they have a mysteriousness about them but are charming in their own way.

The personalities of the two countries mirror their golf experiences as well. Scotland is, without a doubt, the most historical golfing venue anywhere in the world. Their links golf courses are stadiums of art, respected and refined.

These six incredible links golf courses should be on every list when visiting Scotland.

Royal Dornoch

Located in the far North of Scotland, Royal Dornoch is quite possibly one of the best links golf courses in the entire world. Golf has been played here since 1616, with the Championship course layout by Old Tom Morris being built in 1877. Paradoxically, it’s a hidden gem that everyone seems know about. Most folks spend all their time trying to play another golf course Old Tom Morris is known for down south, wink wink…

Beautiful photo of Royal Dornoch Golf Club.
Royal Dornoch


Kingsbarns Golf Links is the new kid on the block. People have asked me many times “dude, when did Old Tom Morris design this one, it must be an ancient gem?”. Bro, it was built in 2000. That is in fact the beauty of this golf course. It is such an incredible layout, people actually think it was built over 150 years ago.


Let’s be real, “The Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers” sounds pretty stuffy and a little out dated for the modern golf scene. However, if you haven’t played Muirfield, we urge you not to judge. The members at the club are friendly, the atmosphere at the clubhouse is enjoyable and the golf course is an absolute masterpiece. If there is one thing that will bring people together, it’s the love of golf. That’s what’s present at Muirfield.

Beautiful photo of North Berwick golf links.
North Berwick

North Berwick, West Course

No other course anywhere on earth can relate to the Old Course in St. Andrews with the exception of North Berwick. Located in the East Lothian region of Scotland, just outside Edinburgh, North Berwick plays over burns, rolling hills, ancient stone walls and into the old town. It is a perfect example of a true links golf course.

Turnberry Ailsa Course

The Turnberry Ailsa Golf Course is quite possibly the most visually appealing of all the golf courses on the list, but you shouldn’t let its beauty fool you. It’s an absolute beast of a links golf course, sitting right off the ocean and donning an elegant white light house. The hotel overlooks the golf course like a white castle sitting atop a hill surveying its kingdom. Simply brilliant.

Beautiful photo of Turnberry Ailsa course.
Turnberry Ailsa

St. Andrews, Old Course

People always want to know, “Is it worth the large amount of money and investment to play the Old Course?”. The answer is yes, it’s worth it and there are ways to get a more affordable tee time. Similar to the great sporting venues throughout the world, The Old Course in St. Andrews gives you an immense amount of nostalgia. Unlike any other sporting venue, this is one you can play. You don’t have to be a professional athlete, member or big time CEO. The golf course closes on Sundays to become a public park and its open for people to walk on available tee times that are open. It’s The Home of Golf and it exists for the love of the game.

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