It’s no secret, Italians like to look sharp. Let’s face it, win or lose, you want to look good doing it. Many of the Serie A teams have some of the best looking jerseys in the world of sports. Fortunately for them, they don’t just look good, many of these teams are also masters of athletic ability on the pitch and have won many championships.

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I’m no Giorgio Armani, but I’d like to think we can all appreciate some fashion in football. Here are my top six best looking jerseys in Serie A:

AC Milan – 1899

This is simply a classic. The “Rossoneri” (Italian for The Red & Blacks) have been sporting this beautiful piece of fashion since its founding in 1899. AC Milan is one of the most successful teams in European football and they look the part. Nothing says “we are going to kick your ass” like red and black. Tiger Woods and the British Army are other notables to have used red to entice fear into their enemies. It worked out great for Tiger, but not so great for the Brits.

AC Milan

Juventus F.C. – 1897

Believe it or not, Juventus, a team based in Turin, Italy, originally sported pink shirts with a black tie. Since 1903 they have had the amazing black and white jerseys dubbing them the “Bianconeri”. Needless to say, this has worked well for them as they are one of the most successful clubs in Europe.


Internazionale – 1908

The famed rival of AC Milan, Inter Milan actually started as a team that broke away from AC Milan. Apparently they had some sort of schism in 1908, no not like a religious thing, but I guess some people view their sports team as a religion! This is probably why these teams hate each other. Anyway, the “Nerazzurri” uniform is legendary and I have no doubt they will always be one of the more successful teams in the European theater.

Inter Milan’s Argentinian forward Lautaro Martinez San Siro stadium in Milan. (Photo by MIGUEL MEDINA / AFP)

S.S. Lazio – 1900

The home kit for S.S. Lazio, a team founded in Rome in 1900, is absolutely stunning. Their team colors of white and sky blue were inspired by national emblem of Greece to represent the Ancient Olympic Games. Apparently the founders thought of themselves as serious athletes, trying to follow in the foot steps of the original “titans” of sport. Everything from the logo to the overall design of this jersey is pure class.

Photo of Lazio jersey.

AFC Fiorentina – 1926

La Viola (Italian for The Purple Team) is the nickname for AFC Fiorentina based in Florence, Tuscany. Legend has it that the original team colors where red and white, but after washing in the river, a “perfetto” purple jersey was born! This has always been one of my favorite jerseys. My home team the Orlando City Lions sport purple so I could be a little bias.

Photo of Fiorentina jersey.

S.S.C. Napoli – 1926

Naples is a city on the Italian coast that captures the hearts of thousands of visitors a year. The blue waters are the inspiration for their jersey. You can literally see the flowing water design. It’s magnificent. In fact SSC Napoli colors are so good looking they share the same nickname of the Italian National team, the “Azzuri”.


Next time you’re looking to wear a soccer jersey consider these teams in Serie A. You won’t regret it.

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