Coffee has incredible health benefits and is the best travel stimulant available.

Remember that time you took an international flight to a Formula 1 race or that golf trip and you felt like you got hit by a bus made of “jetlag”? Well it’s important to remember a little espresso or a nice cappuccino can give you that extra boost.

We’re here to recommend some real coffee. After you’ve tried anyone of these amazing coffee brands you will never go back to Starbucks, guaranteed.

We wanted to list the below companies so you can not only drink the best coffee on the road but also when you return home.

Beautiful photo of espresso machine and Illy coffee.
Illy Coffee

Illy (Est. 1933)

Founded by Francesco Illy in Trieste, Italy in 1933, Illycaffè is arguably the best coffee in the world. The company pioneered a packaging system to preserve coffee with pressurized nitrogen. In 1999 they founded the University of Coffee called Unicaffe, which is now based in Trieste and runs 27 branches worldwide. It’s 100% Arabica bean coffee is incredibly smooth and rich. Say goodbye to Starbucks and hello to Illy!

Beautiful photo of Lavazza espresso maching and coffe.
Lavazza Coffee

Lavazza (Est. 1895)

In 1895 Luigi Lavazza founded his company in a small grocery store in Turin, Italy. Incredibly, today Lavazza is present in over 90 countries and has 21 offices across the globe. Much of the high quality beans imported by Lavazza are from South and Central America. It’s branded as “Italy’s favorite coffee”, whether its a marketing scheme or not, you can’t argue the fact that Italians know coffee. Lavazza is one of the best in the game.

Beautiful photo of Julius Meinl Espresso and Coffee.
Julius Meinl Coffee

Julius Meinl (Est. 1862)

Julius Meinl coffee has been around for a long time. Recently the company has gained more popularity and for good reason. Founded in Vienna, Austria, Julius Meinl coffee is very popular with connoisseurs and the famous logo with the boy wearing a Fez Hat is becoming more present in coffee shops around the globe.

Beautiful photo of Kimbo Espresso machine and coffee.
Kimbo Coffee

Kimbo (Est. 1963)

Naples, Italy is the mecca of espresso. Kimbo, founded in 1963, is not only the most popular coffee from Naples, its ranked second behind Lavazza in popularity globally. The Neapolitan tradition of making coffee combined with the latest technology makes Kimbo one of the top coffee brands in the world.

Beautiful photo of Segafredo coffee.
Segafredo coffee

Segafredo (Est. 1973)

The Zanetti family started Segafredo in Bologna, Italy in 1973. This may be a controversial statement but this company could be described as the Starbucks of Italy but with high quality Italian coffee. If you’ve been to Europe you’ve most likely had a coffee at one of the many Segafredo cafe’s across the continent.

Pellini Coffee

Pellini (Est. 1922)

Born in the city of Verona in 1922, Italy Pellini coffee is steeped in tradition but has its eye’s on the future. They’ve recently grown to number 5 on the Italian coffee market. Pellini uses 100% Arabica beans in their coffee similar to Illy. It’s a top notch product from the home of Romeo and Juliet!

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