There are many sporting leagues one can follow throughout the world. Few of them emulate the passion and culture of the Serie A in Italy.

Football is known as “calcio” in Italy. There’s something special about the fact that the Italians have their own word for football/soccer. The sport is of great importance to their culture and the Serie A is home to some of the best players in the world.

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These are the five reasons you should follow the Serie A football league in Italy.

The Scudetto

Is there anything cooler than the small Italian flag patch seen on the jersey’s of last years Serie A champions? The “Scudetto” as it’s called, means “little shield” in Italian and was first worn in 1924 by Genoa. This tradition is just one of many that make the Serie A fascinating.

Example of Serie A logo with Scudetto badge.
Serie A logo with Scudetto

The Curva

If you’ve traveled to Italy and attended a Serie A football match, you most certainly noticed the Curva. Every team in Italy essentially has one section of the stadium reserved for the “Ultra” home fans and their massive flags, bright flares and team art displays. This section is called “The Curva”.

Example of tifosi at San Siro stadium in Italy.
Tifosi at San Siro

The Coccarda

We all know Italians enjoy looking good and take pride in their fashion. It’s no surprise we have another patch on this list. “The Coccarda” is the badge awarded to the winners of the Coppa Italia, a knock out tournament held each year separate to the Serie A season. If you’re team is really talented, they may wear the Scudetto and Coccarda on their uniform in the same season. Now that is style!

Example of coccarda badge.

The Tifosi

“Tifosi” essentially means sporting fan in Italian. You will see tifosi cheering on Scuderia Ferrari in Formula 1 as well as the Serie A in Italy. Calcio is such a major part of Italian culture you will see massive turn outs for almost every game. The passion and intensity is unparalleled at a Serie A match.

Example of tifosi fans in Italy cheering for Lazio.
Lazio tifosi

Amore per il calcio

“Amore per il calcio” means love for football in Italian. Embrace every moment and enjoy the passion of the fans the next time you’re at a Serie A football match. Is there anything sweeter in life?

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