I may be a gringo, but I can still appreciate the beauty and culture that is Spain.

The Spanish have always been the rebels of the mediterranean. Their lifestyle oozes with passion, elegance and style…

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It’s no surprise that teams in La Liga, one of the greatest football leagues in the world, have amazing fashion forward jerseys. Below are the best looking tops in La Liga:

FC Barcelona – 1899

This is one of the most iconic jerseys in the world thanks to the footballing gods Ronaldinho and Leo Messi. Their top is so good looking, you can rock it to any party or event with a pair of jeans and look like a total badass. For those of you that are familiar with their history, Catelonia, the region Barcelona is located in, has had a rebellious streak against Spain for centuries. Perhaps this is one of the reasons “Catalans” are passionate about FC Barcelona. The club logo and the team colors of blue, maroon and red are as recognizable as the blue pin stripes of the New York Yankees and the blue star of the Dallas Cowboys.


Atletico Madrid – 1903

Atletico’s home kit consists of red and white vertical stripes with blue shorts. Los Rojiblancos (The Red and Whites) have a fresh look that could out match their bitter rival, Real Madrid. They’ve enjoyed some success in La Liga and are making a resurgence as a top team in Europe.

Photo of Atletico Madrid
Atletico Madrid

Valencia CF – 1919

If you’re a huge fan of Batman… which honestly, who isn’t? Then you will love the Valencia Club de Fútbol logo. Nicknamed “Los murcelagos” (the Bats), Valencia has a captivating jersey. They’re another team that has had some success but have making huge gains in recent years to top Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Photo of Valencia CF.
Valencia CF

Real Betis – 1907

Los Verdiblancos (the Green-and-Whites) have never really been a great team, but who really cares when you look like rock stars on the pitch. The Seville based team sports a classy green and white striped top that is unique. Hopefully we will see some more success out of this team in the future.

Photo of Real Betis.
Real Betis

Real Madrid – 1902

Simplicity equals excellence. Real Madrid, the most successful football club in the world (based on Champions League titles), has a simple yet refined jersey. They wear an all white shirt with the club logo. The “Los Blancos” kit is stunning. A perfect representation of a team that has won many trophies since it’s founding.

Photo of Real Madrid.
Real Madrid

Next time you’re looking to wear a soccer jersey, consider these teams in La Liga. You won’t regret it.

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