It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, everybody likes to enjoy an ice cold brewski every now and then.

After watching a Formula 1 race this weekend I thought to myself, “There are really some cool dudes in F1. I bet these guys would be fun to pound a few beers with.”

From the drivers to the team principles, Formula One teams have lots of different personalities.

These are the guys it would be a blast to hit the bar or pub with:

Daniel Ricciardo – Australia

No doubt, grabbing a brew with Australian Daniel Ricciardo would be a total blast. Everything from late night Karaoke with Yuki Tsunoda to a full on bender would surely be in store. We all enjoy his quick one liner jokes to the media before and after each race in Formula 1. Every time he wins a race, he drinks champagne out of his shoe. Need I say more. Too bad he is no longer in F1.

Picture of Daniel Ricciardo.
Renault F1 Team with Daniel Ricciardo (AUS)

Yuki Tsunoda – Japan

Japan is an amazing country with wonderful people. Yuki Tsunoda is the new kid on the formula 1 scene. He seems more like an F1 video game star than a driver. Everyone on the circuit seems to like Yuki. Maybe it’s his seemingly carefree personality, always joking around and getting into some pretty weird sh*$t. You should definitely grab a few beers and some shots of Sake with Yuki. Although, apparently he doesn’t drink during the season because he’s a dedicated professional. Cheers to the off season!

Picture of Yuki Tsunoda.

Guenther Steiner – Italy

If you’ve watched the show “Formula 1 Drive to Survive” on Netflix you should know that Guenther Steiner, team principle at Haas, is absolutely hilarious. Maybe his sense of humor comes from the fact that they’re the only American team in Formula 1 and have struggled the last few years to get any points on the board. Guenther would certainly create some good laughs at the pub. Maybe some self depreciation humor… “Do you want to be wankers or rockstars”? I don’t know about you, but I want to be a rockstar.

Picture of Gunther Steiner.
Guenther Steiner Haas

Max Verstappen – Netherlands

Max Verstappen is an incredible driver and most likely the future of Formula 1. I would be incredibly disappointed if I found out Max was boring during a night out on the town. He seems like the kinda guy that hangs out with beautiful models and get’s hammered in Monte Carlo. I don’t know about you but I would be down for that… Although, if he drinks too much he probably turns into “wants to fight guy”, judging on how he talks to his team on the intercom each race week.

Picture of Max Verstappen.
Cinco De Mayo F1

Toto Wolff – Austria

Team principle at Mercedes AMG, Toto Wolff is a boss that expects nothing but perfection from his team. He speaks fifty languages, sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger and manages an F1 team that wins almost every weekend. If Toto were to ever get loose after a few drinks, I’m sure it would be a good time. Maybe you could get him tipsy enough to spill the beans on why Mercedes car is so lighting fast?

Picture of Toto Wolff.
Boss Man Toto Wolff

Sergio “Checo” Perez – Mexico

Folks, “Checo” Perez is an absolute legend in Formula 1. His come back seasons of 2021/22 at Red Bull have been a joy to watch. He might be one of the most talented drivers ever and we are all interested to see how he’s career plays out. Checo seems like a family man now and much respect to him. Although, Mexican’s are known to party hard and there’s no doubt a few shots of tequila and a few Dos Equis would make you feel like you’re hanging with the “Most interesting F1 driver in the world”.

Picture of Sergio Perez.

Hopefully one of these days I will see all of you somewhere around the world on a night out with the folks at Formula 1.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to grab an espresso with Mattia Binotto at Ferrari!

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