No matter where you’re teeing it up in the world, an ice cold brew can enhance your golf experience.

Whether it’s the local pub, the clubhouse bar or the “19th hole”, we all need a place to drink our sorrows away after a round of golf.

A place where us mere amateurs can dream about playing in the Masters or the Open Championship. Sorry big fella, shooting 103 is not gonna cut it on the Tour, but no worries, a pint of ice cold beer will make you feel better.

The post round drinking session is a big deal on a golf trip. Whether you’re in Ireland, Scotland or your local club in the USA, grabbing a pint and bonding with your golf buddies is a must on every itinerary.

Here are the three must have golf travel beers:


This one is a no brainer, especially if you’re in Ireland. A pint of Guinness after a long day walking a links golf course is one of the greatest experiences you can have on your trip. In Ireland, the Guinness is smoother, creamier and sweeter than anywhere else in the world. It tastes absolutely incredible! Walk to an old man pub after a round of golf and cheers to the sweet life. Sláinte! 

Beautiful photo of a Guinness.
Guinness at M.O’Briens in Dublin


If you’ve ever been to the “Home of Golf” in St. Andrews, Scotland, you’ve most likely downed a few Tennents. This Scottish beer is a smooth pale lager that is best served ice cold. Tennents is enjoyed throughout the UK so whether you’re in England or Scotland this could be your go to post round brew.

Beautiful photo of two Tennent's

Murphy’s Irish Stout

Last but not least is Murphy’s Irish Stout. This makes the list because it is the favorite stout of some people in Ireland. Brewed in County Cork, it’s described as a chocolate milk version of Guinness, it has a sweeter taste that some people prefer. Regardless, a fresh Murphy’s tastes incredible on a windy cold day in the Southwest of Ireland after a hard day on the links.

Beautiful photo of Murphy's Irish Stout.
Murphy’s Irish Stout

Next time you play golf remember, it’s not how you play, it’s what you drink after your round. Cheers!

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