Top 5 Formula 1 Grand Prix Venues

Traveling to a Formula 1 race is an incredible experience no matter where you are in the world. However, just like in every sport, Formula 1 has it’s most popular and respected venues that transcend all others.

These are the Top 5 Formula 1 Grand Prix Venues.

Circuit de Spa Francorchamps


Any time a sporting venue has a short nickname like “Augusta”, “San Siro”, “The Swamp” or “The Brickyard”, you know it’s legendary.

This is the case at the Circuit de Spa Francorchamps, commonly referred to as “Spa” in the world of Formula 1. It has a natural layout in terrain, design and flow that should be considered a masterpiece. Travel to Belgium and watch in amazement race cars fly up the Eau Rouge.



Great Britain has always fascinated Americans. They have a monarch, guzzle down tea and we’ve both duked it out in a few wars.

If there’s one thing the Brits should be known for across the globe, it’s the majestic Silverstone Circuit in Northamptonshire. No, it’s not in Lord of the Rings Middle-Earth. It’s actually in England.

Formula 1 is a British sport and Silverstone is the gem in the crown of racing venues.



Monza is located just North of Milan and is a fan favorite for Italian Ferrari supporters. Every year at the Italian Grand Prix the grandstands are filled with tifosi (fans) wearing red in honor of the worlds most recognizable racing team.

Built in 1922, Monza is engrained in Formula One racing history as the premier track for speed. It’s also the site of the Italian Motorcycle Grand Prix as well as other European motorsport series. Calcio may be the national sport of Italy, but Monza is without a doubt one of the most prized sporting venues in the country. Only second to the Colosseum in Rome of course.


Many visitors to Singapore label it a “Fine” city…

No joke, it’s literally a fine city. In fact Singapore is a place you can get “fined” hard earned dollars if you get caught chewing gum, jaywalking or drinking in an area you’re not supposed to.

Man, that’s harsh…

It’s known as one of the strictest cities in the world for rules and regulations but also known for it’s cleanliness, beautiful skyline, luxurious shops, exciting nightlife, and delicious street food (very hygiene friendly of course).

It’s no surprise Formula 1 host the Singapore Grand Prix in this magical city. The city may be a little strict but it’s by far one of the best venues for a Formula 1 race and an excellent excuse to travel half way across the world to Singapore!



Just like with The Masters, the Monaco Grand Prix is a race every Formula 1 driver wants to win. It’s an event that creates legends: Niki Lauda, Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton are just a few of the “Formula 1 GOAT’s” that have won here.

The Monaco Grand Prix is “A tradition unlike any other”…

Oh wait, that’s the wrong sporting event… Let’s hope the top brass at Augusta National aren’t upset with me! The Masters Tournament ranks as the number 1 golf sporting event in America. Of course, the Monaco Grand Prix is similar in that it’s the most elite racing event in the world!

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