Man, it feels good to win… It feels even better when you can enjoy an ice cold brew or an expensive bottle of champagne to celebrate!

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International footballers may not party as hard as rugby players but there’s no doubt it would be fun to slam home a few cold one’s with these guys. Here are the 5 international footballers you should have a beer with.

Mario Balotelli

Mario Balotelli is like the modern day Diego Maradona (RIP) without all the trophies or legendary status. It’s fair to say Mario has not lived up to his god given talent on the football pitch, but he likes to have a good time off it! The Italian international has probably been seen in every night club across the globe. “Super Mario” knows people and pretty much does whatever he wants. Could we get a hookah with our champagne? Sure. How about some super models on the yacht? Definitely. Can we take our shirts off in the club? Absolutely.


Andrea Pirlo

Andrea Pirlo is the real “Most Interesting Man in the World”. He most definitely gave his father “The Talk”, he once won a fist fight only using his beard and his personality is so magnetic, he does’t carry credit cards. No Pirlo, No Party. Don’t forget to grab an espresso before the night out.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Known in the footballing world as “Ibra”, this player looks more like a 6 foot 5 caucasian Samurai than a Swedish international. Apparently he’s a black belt in Taekwondo so if there’s a bar fight in store, you’ll want to bring “Zlatan” to kick some a*$. If you’re looking to chat up some girls, he speaks five languages so odds are you’ll be successful. Of course, he will probably steal your girl. Regardless, it would be a blast to party with Ibrahimovic.


Thomas Muller

Thomas Muller is known to be a funny man. The dude even cracks jokes during the Champions League Finals. If there was one person you would want to drink liters of beer with at the Octoberfest, it would be this guy.


David Beckham

David Beckham is a cool dude. The man retired a million years ago and he’s still a rock star. He also seems like a nice guy that would probably buy you a few beers. Who knows maybe you will be able to chat with Victoria Beckham while you’re out!

David and Victoria

Next time you’re thinking about a night out, hit up one of these guys. Cheers!

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