F1 Travel Review Baku City Circuit

Azerbaijan sounds like a magical kingdom in the fantasy series Game of Thrones but in fact it’s a former Soviet bloc nation located on the Caspian Sea.

The capital city of Baku hosts an amazing street circuit Formula 1 race and it’s truly one of the most exciting venues on the schedule. We can only hope it stays on the calendar every year!

Quick Facts – Baku City Circuit

  • First Grand Prix – 2016
  • Circuit Length – 6.003 km (3.730 miles)
  • Location – Azadliq Square, Baku, Azerbaijan

History and Design at Baku

Built in 2016, this track has some of the most nail biting twist and turns of any race on the Formula 1 schedule. It’s so narrow, in some ways, this street circuit makes Monaco look like a four lane highway. With two DRS zones and a few long straight aways, there are overtaking opportunities for drivers to be competitive. It also has one of the longest circuit lengths in Formula 1 (3.730 miles). Nico Rosberg famously considers this the most dangerous modern day race but fans love this Medieval track!

Why Should you Travel to Baku?

Baku is simply a badass street race track. With medieval castles, super sharp turns and narrow overtake zones, this place seemingly belongs in the video game Mario Cart. Not many people even know what Azerbaijan is or even that it is a country located at the boundary of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. The Baku City Circuit has found the perfect combination of a city race packed with competitive excitement for a Formula 1 race.

Grandstands & Hospitality

Similar to Monaco (minus the yachts), Baku offers loads of grandstand seating at various points around the track. There are also opportunities for fans to book private parties or viewing from many of the buildings overlooking the circuit. If you catch the race on tv sometimes you can see people drinking champagne or smoking hookah on a castle roof top!

Book your trip

You’re not going to find a race like Baku in America or Europe. It’s a unique venue that you must attend! Book those flights and head to Azerbajian!

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