F1 Travel Review Miami International Autodrome

If you’ve ever seen Miami Vice, you know it’s a city filled with fast, sexy cars and dangerous criminals. Fortunately, Miami is not nearly as violent as it used to be. Ironically, thanks to much of the drug money from the past, Miami has become a luxurious beach city nestled in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

So luxurious it could give Monaco a run for it’s money!

Formula 1 is making its way to sunny Miami, Florida for the first time in history and America is adding another Formula 1 race to its schedule in 2022!

Quick Facts – Miami Autodrome

  • First Grand Prix – 2022
  • Circuit Length – 5.41 km (3.36 miles)
  • Location – Miami, Florida, United States of America

Why Should you Travel to Miami?

Florida is one of the world’s most renowned vacation destinations. Miami, to its credit, has blossomed into an amazing beach paradise. The one downside is that it is quite an expensive city, but who cares, it’s not more expensive than Monaco! Aside from the racing action there is loads to see and do in Miami, from hitting South Beach to exploring little Havana. It’s a perfect example of how truly culturally diverse the United States has become. This city will be a fantastic spot for an International Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Grandstands and Hospitality

Let’s just say Miami is going big for their first Formula 1 race. Not only are they boldly building grandstands around the entire circuit for viewing pleasure, but they are also creating a “Yachting Experience” from scratch. That’s right, you will be able to drink champagne on a fake yacht in a fake lake while watching the 2022 Miami Grand Prix. Some people may call that cheezy, those people are simply “haters”. Who knows if this is actually true but there is no doubt the hospitality in Miami will be epic.

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