5 Best Looking Football Jerseys in the Premier League

Let’s face it, no matter what team I put on the below list, some people will still think I’ve shafted their team out of a mention in this article.

I’ll probably see comments like “bro are you blind, my squad has a spectacular home kit” or “dude, I can’t believe you don’t like my team’s 2021 zig zag blue design, with random pink lining that has nothing to do with the team colors”.

I get it, you love your team. The following list is solely a personal preference! We all love the Premier League and the amazing teams that play each weekend.

Here are the best looking football jerseys in the Premier League:

West Ham 2021/22 Away Kit

This may be a bold statement, but this year’s striped West Ham away kit might be the freshest jersey to ever come through the Premier League. In all fairness, “The Irons” have a phenomenal looking Claret and Sky Blue home kit that they’ve worn for most of their history (founded in 1895). The logo on their new away jersey really pops and the overall striped design looks stunning. West Ham seems to have found their form lately. Who knows, maybe its the jersey!

Tottenham Hotspur Home Kit

No one really likes Tottenham Hotspur. Heck, even Tottenham fans most days seem to not like Tottenham. However, even most rival London Premier League clubs would probably agree, “The Spurs” have and incredible looking uniform. Even their sponsor AIA looks badass and I have know idea what AIA even is… They have a very unique home kit and colors, which most Premier League clubs can’t claim.

Manchester City Home Kit

Everyone loves a baby blue uniform. It’s a nice color for nice guys. Problem is, most teams in America with baby blue kits don’t ever really win (Panthers, Nuggets, Royals). Fortunately for Manchester City, they have seen some success in recent years. If they continue their success they will certainly look good doing it!

Norwich City Home Kit

Okay, so Norwich City sucks at football. By the time you’re finished reading this article they will most likely already be relegated from the Premier League. It’s too bad because their jersey is super cool! The colors, logo and design are all fantastic.

Liverpool Home Kit

Love them or hate them, Liverpool has a world class uniform. The clubs history, the logo, the “You’ll Never Walk Alone” phrase, and Anfield stadium all play a part in the world-wide appeal of the club. I can’t blame all the bandwagon fans in the United States for rooting for “The Reds”. They’re a great club with a beautiful red kit year in and year out.

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