6 Best Formula 1 Street Circuits

The Monaco Grand Prix in Formula 1 is the most iconic sporting event in the racing world.

Beautiful fashion models drinking champagne on yachts tends to attract fans. I’m certainly not complaining. However, if we’re being honest, Monaco isn’t the best street circuit in Formula 1 for racing entertainment.

We’ve ranked the 6 Best Street Circuits in Formula 1 below for your reading pleasure:

Number 6 – Sochi Grand Prix

American’s are naturally suspicious of Russia, so it may be a little bias to put this Grand Prix sixth. All geopolitics aside, Russia does host a phenomenal grand prix each year. Sochi is mainly known as a Winter Olympics venue, but with the construction of the Sochi Autodrom to the property, this race has been on the schedule since 2014. Lewis Hamilton seems to love it, as he’s won five of the eight races held here!

Number 5 – Singapore Grand Prix “Marina Bay Circuit”

The Singapore Grand Prix has loads of glitz and glamour and it should be at the top of your list of places to go. It was tough to put this in the number five spot, however just like Monaco, there are not enough overtake zones here for this track to bring full excitement to a Formula 1 race. Visually, this circuit is absolutely stunning with its twists and turns. At night, the track lights up with a ferris wheel and fireworks — a brilliant spectacle!

Marina Bay Sands

Number 4 – Melbourne Grand Prix “Albert Park Circuit”

Traditionally, Albert Park is used as the season opener for Formula 1 and for good reason. This venue is an epic test of racing. To the delight of Formula 1 fans, the circuit has gone through a renovation in 2021 to make the track even more competitive. It’s set to debut in the 2021 Australian Grand Prix. Maybe we will see a “shoey” from native Daniel Riccardo!

Melbourne Grand Prix

Number 3 – Montreal Grand Prix “Circuit Gilles Villeneuve”

Americans love Canada. After all, they are our friendly neighbors to the north. Montreal, with its French and Canadian charm, is one of the best cities in North America to visit. The food, fans and atmosphere create a very memorable weekend. This Grand Prix also is built for overtaking and is known for being a tremendously exciting circuit. It’s also another one of Hamilton’s favorite venues (the numbers speak for themselves).

Number 2 – Monaco Grand Prix

Let’s face it, super models around the world would cry if we didn’t put Monaco in the top three. Personally, I’d like to be on these ladies good side. With that being said, Monaco is the most elite race event around the world and is the Grand Prix most associated with Formula 1. If you had to pick one race to attend, this should be at the top of your list. In terms of racing, you’ll find it exciting at times, however, the lack of overtakes (12 per race average) can cause his grand prix to be dull at times.

Baku City Circuit

Number 1 – Azerbaijan Grand Prix “Baku City Circuit”

Baku is simply a badass street race track. With medieval castles, super sharp turns and narrow overtake zones, this place seemingly belongs in the video game Mario Cart. Not many people even know what Azerbaijan is or even that it is a country located at the boundary of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. The Baku City Circuit has found the perfect combination of a city race packed with competitive excitement for a Formula 1 race.

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