Black Rifle Coffee Review

Is there anything more American than serving your country abroad, coming home and becoming an entrepreneur by starting your own coffee business?

The answer, no there isn’t.

Could we expect anything less from former Green Beret and Black Rifle Coffee founder Evan Hafer? Just because you’re a total badass, doesn’t mean you’re going to be successful in business.

Well, congrats Evan, your product is phenomenal.

Personally, I think the Italians make the best coffee in the world but Black Rifle Coffee definitely gives them a run for their money. They’re the future of the American coffee scene, and it’s something you should definitely get excited about if you love the black stuff.

Below is a complete review of Black Rifle Coffee:

The Coffee

How would you like a cup of freedom with a touch of liberty? All joking aside, Black Rifle Coffee has an incredible line up of ground, whole bean and pod (rounds) coffee. They have extra dark roast, dark roast, medium roast and light roast.

Companies that make amazing coffee all have two things in common, high quality coffee beans (mostly 100% arabica) and a perfected roasting process. Black Rifle Coffee does both to perfection and has become hugely successful in the last few years. This success has helped them expand on their mission to support deployed service members and veterans.

The Gear

Black Rifle Coffee gear not only looks great but is extremely comfortable. Normally companies that make a great product but also try and sell apparel fail miserably. You will find shirts, hoodies, blankets and hats for men and women.

They also have a full range of mugs, cups glasses, thermoses and tumblers. You have to drink high quality coffee with high quality accessories.

The Movement

Black Rifle Coffee not only provides it’s customers with an outstanding product but they also are in the pro America business. Let’s face it, after a very divisive year in 2020, it’s refreshing to see a company that simply “Loves America” and supports our military and first responders.

If you love coffee, check out Black Rifle Coffee. You won’t regret it!

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