F1 Travel Review of Sochi Autodrom

America and Russia have never been the best of friends, however we can certainly appreciate good vodka and athletic competition.

Formula One is not an American sport so there’s no reason to hold any grudges from the past. In fact, the Russkis have built an incredible circuit in Sochi and it has become very popular among the F1 drivers.

Below is the ultimate travel guide for the Sochi Autodromo and what you should expect when you attend the Russian Grand Prix:

Quick Facts – Sochi

  • First Grand Prix – 2014
  • Circuit Length – 5.848 km (3.634 miles)
  • Lap Record – 1:35.761 – Lewis Hamilton (2019)

Short History at Sochi

The Soviets actually planned to create a Russian Grand Prix back in 1983. Needless to say it took a long time, but the Russian’s finally hosted their first Grand Prix in 2014.

Sochi is located on the coast of the Black Sea in Krasnodar Krai, Russia. It’s also the sight of a stunning Olympic Park that was the scene of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

Why Travel to Sochi?

Formula One is an innovative sport. The cars are only going to get faster year in and year out. New circuits are needed to push drivers to their limits and Sochi meets that challenge with a whopping 18 turns.

Designed by German Hermann Tilke, the race track flows through much of the Olympic Village. The Russians should be proud of this gem as it will create fierce competition among drivers for years to come.

Grandstands and Hospitality

Believe it or not, Russians drink more than just vodka and they like to show their guests a good time. Sochi actually holds an advantage over many of the other circuits in Europe. The venue is so new, their options for grandstands and high end hospitality out match many of the other Grand Prix around the world.

The best seats in the house are on turn two, overlooking the slingshot of Turn three. Keep an eye out for all the action on turn three, which is a 750m (2,460 feet) constant-radius left-hander taking the drivers around the outside of the dramatic Poyushchiye fountain.

Sochi, Russia

Food & Travel Options

If you’re a fan of winter sports and Formula 1, Sochi is the place for you. It’s literally a winter wonderland. This modern track is incredible and because Sochi was used for the Olympics, the public transportation is fantastic. The food is amazing as well.

Located near Georgia and other countries on the Black Sea, the local cuisine has many influences. Spicy soups, dumplings and crepes should all be on your list.

Book Your Trip

Sochi should be on everyones list when traveling to a Grand Prix. Grab your skis and favorite Formula One gear and head to Russia.

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