5 Must Play Hidden Gem Golf Courses in Ireland

Ireland is truly a magical place. It’s beautiful landscape and charming people fascinate travelers year in and year out.

The Emerald Isle also has a vast amount of golf courses that are not only magnificent but also affordable. These are the ultimate hidden gem courses you must play on your next golf trip to Ireland.

The Dingle peninsula in the Southwest of Ireland should be at the top of the “Most Beautiful Places in the World List”. They also have the best fish and chips in all of Ireland or the UK, in my opinion. Dingle Golf Links is an absolutely delightful golf course and a perfect addition to a trip to this region of Ireland.

Dingle Golf Links

In reality, every golf course in the Northwest of Ireland should be considered a hidden gem. These courses don’t get near the amount of play as other top rated tracks in Ireland, but Carne Golf Links stands out as the ultimate links golf course on the edge of the world.

A gem, in the middle of no-where…

The Golf Travel Guru describes it perfectly – “It’s a totally natural, uncontrived golf experience. Ruggedly beautiful with huge mounds that obscure other holes, it gives you an isolated feel throughout the golf course.”

Carne Golf Club

Portsalon Golf Club

Portsalon Golf Club is like “Bigfoot” or the “Lochness Monster” in the golf travel industry. Many have heard of it, but few seem to know if it even exists. Those who have traveled all the way up North to play it, consistently give Portsalon rave reviews. Local Irish players describe it as unique, quirky and tight with a stunning layout that can challenge the average golfer.

Portsalon Golf Club

Laytown and Bettystown Golf Club

Laytown and Bettystown has a super cool club logo and a stunning layout. Located just 45 minutes from Dublin, this true links golf course falls under the radar of most people when traveling to Ireland to play golf. It’s a must play if you enjoy rolling dunes, ocean views and intelligent design.

Laytown and Bettystown Golf Club

Sutton Golf Club

As many of you know I’m a huge fan of short courses. Check out my Amazing Must Play Short Golf Courses of America post. Sutton Golf Club, based just outside Dublin, is a must play 9 hole short course. The original home of JB Carr, Sutton is laid out on a beautiful stretch of land near Portmarnock Golf club and has a charming three hole stretch over nearby rail road tracks. There’s no doubt you’ll want to play this little course over and over again next time you’re in Dublin.

Sutton Golf Club

When you’re planning a golf vacation, check out these ultimate must play hidden gem golf courses in Ireland.

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