After the 2020 Belgium Grand Prix, I found myself thinking – “I love Formula One but why was I literally praying for rain to create some drama?”

These hot takes should be on everyone’s mind as we finish up the 2020 season at the remaining incredible venues: Monza, Mugello, Sochi, Nürburgring, Algarve and Ferrari.

Mercedes AMG Making History

Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes are making history right before our eyes. If Ferrari wasn’t so bad, I think there would be more action during the weekend, but it probably wouldn’t matter. They’re simply destroying everything in their path.

Mercedes AMG is from another planet. They have a driver in Lewis Hamilton that has the mentality of Michael Jordan and a super car that looks like it should be piloted by Darth Vader in Star Wars. Maybe we should start calling it the “Death Star”?

FIA Formula One World Championship 2020, Grand Prix of Austria, #44 Lewis Hamilton

What happened to Ferrari?

Even if you know absolutely nothing about race car driving, most people think of two words when it comes to Scuderia Ferrari – “Red and Fast”. Mattia Binotto’s team may still be red, but they’re certainly not fast. In fact, all of the teams using Ferrari engines this year including Haas and Alpha Romeo finished out of the top ten this weekend in Belgium.

Ferrari is a total disaster at the moment. Sebastian Vettel acts like he’s going through a third divorce with his current team, Charles Leclerc has fizzled out from his amazing run last year and Mattia Binotto has no answers.

Sebastian Vettel of Germany driving the (5) Scuderia Ferrari SF1000 on track during practice for the F1 Grand Prix of Styria at Red Bull Ring on July 10, 2020

Carlos Sainz’s (McLaren) sad face at the Belgium Grand Prix while watching Ferrari says it all. Carlos is set to drive for Ferrari in 2021 and had to sit out this Sunday due to car trouble. He’s probably shaking his head said thinking, “man I’m going to have to drive that piece of junk next year…” Is he making the right move?

Mclaren seems to be going forward and Ferrari backward. Should we say “arrivederci” to Ferrari for a while?

Can We Start New F1 2021 Rules Now?

I feel like a kid at Christmas that wants his presents early. It’s selfish, but can we have the new car architecture and spending caps planned for 2021 – Now?

Apparently the cars will be sexier, have better down force reduction and allow for a more level playing field in Formula One. Of course, the spending cap will prevent Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull from outspending everyone as well.

Maybe Mercedes is taking advantage of their edge now and going full throttle? If that’s their plan it’s certainly working…

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