6 Stadiums with the Best Atmosphere Premier League

We’re all human. Every single sports fan on earth not only thinks their team is the best, but also has the most fanatical fan base. This is regardless of if they went 0 – 75 during the regular season.

Rating a stadium atmosphere is harder than most people think and it’s controversial, especially in the Premier League, where football is a way of life.

There’s also the problem of relegation. The harsh reality is, if your team is horrendous but has an amazing stadium atmosphere, it doesn’t matter. You can still get kicked out of the Premier League if you finished in the bottom three during the season.

I’m a huge fan of smaller more intimate stadiums but the Premier League is so popular, venues must stay modern to keep the fans happy and the overall experience world class.

We all miss Upton Park and White Hart Lane (knocked down in recent years) but we can still have amazing Premier League experiences! Below are the top stadiums with the best atmosphere.

Anfield – Liverpool FC (1884)

How can you go against an incredibly loud group of people chanting “You’ll Never Walk Alone”? I honestly get goosebumps watching it on TV and I’m not even a Liverpool supporter. Even after it’s recent renovation, Anfield still captures the history and atmosphere all sports fans can appreciate. The Kop is one of the most famous stands in the world of Football. It’s the perfect place for fanatical Liverpool fans to sing tunes and yell at opposing players.

Top Prematch Pubs – The Sandon & King Charles


Elland Road – Leeds United (1897)

I know, I know, “Dude, it’s 2020, Leeds isn’t even in the Premier League.” Well for all my Premier League bros out there, I have some news, Leeds United will be back in the top division in 2021. The pints, fans and electricity ooze out of Elland Road during every match Leeds United plays. This is a classic Premier League experience and highly recommended.

Top Prematch Pubs – The Old Peacock & The Bremner Bar

Elland Road

Selhurst Park – Crystal Palace (1924)

The atmosphere at Selhurst Park, with the “Ultra fans”, might be unbeatable. Crystal Palace may play on an old school turf that still has pillars slightly blocking view, but this ground is everything you want in a Premier League experience. Pure sport, passion and history in a venue that could model the Boston Red Socks Fenway Park.

Top Prematch Pubs – The Clifton Arms & Pawson’s Arms

Selhurst Park

Goodison Park – Everton (1892)

Known as “The Grand Old Lady”, Goodison Park is the beating heart of the Premier League. Everton is an old school club that still packs a huge punch. Goodison Park is a classic venue and one of my all time favorites. I was heartbroken to find out they will be knocking it down soon. However, their new stadium is due to be completed in 2023/24 and looks absolutely epic.

Top Prematch Pubs – The Winslow, The Thomas Frost & The Spellow

Goodison Park

Stamford Bridge – Chelsea FC (1876)

Honestly, I think Stamford Bridge is an under rated venue. Get a spot in the Matthew Harding stand, one of the loudest sections in the Premier League, then try to convince me “The Bridge” is quiet. Wonderful home to one of the top teams in world football.

Top Prematch Pubs – The Butcher’s Hook

Stamford Bridge

Old Trafford – Manchester United (1909)

Old Trafford is also on my – Must Visit Stadiums in Europe list. There are some United fans that feel the stadium has lost some atmosphere over the years. It sounds like the club and fans are looking to resolve some of these issues. I’m sure once “The Red Devils” start winning championships again, a fire will be lit on this old ground once again. This stadium is a jewel in the football world and is an incredible experience during every match.

Top Prematch Pubs – Bishops Blaize & The Trafford

Man United Fans Singing – Stretford End Manchester

Notable Mentions

  • Craven Cottage – Fulham (Not in PL)
  • Stadium of Light – Sunderland (Not in PL)
  • The City Ground – Nottingham Forest (Not in PL)
  • St James Park – Newcastle United
  • Tottenham Hotspur Stadium (New Stadium in London)

Traveling to Europe to watch a soccer match should be on every itinerary. Next time you’re in England, check out these stadiums that have amazing atmosphere.

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