International Golf Travel for Beginners

Many people in this world love sports. We all grew up with our favorites, and some sports we come to enjoy later in life.

I’m sure many of you in high school thought golf was for losers who had zero athletic ability, and only teed-it-up to make it look like they were “well rounded” on a college resume.

I doubt you would have clicked the link to this article if you still felt that way.

I’m here to introduce you to the game of golf, but also to International Golf Travel. If you want to hit the road to play golf, here are a few things you need to do:

Step 1: Get a Set of Sticks

If you’re already an avid golfer you can skip this step. Purchasing a set of golf clubs is a super important part of the game. I highly recommend buying a starter set whether you have a large budget or not. Even if you buy the “best clubs” on the market you’re still going to suck at the beginning. Go on google to get yourself the $149 starter set that typically includes a bag, some head covers and maybe even some balls. Remember – Practice makes perfect.

Sep 2: Take a Lesson

Hopefully your swing doesn’t look like Charles Barkley’s. Even if it does, a lesson will help! Get a few lessons right at the beginning so you can get started on the right track. I highly recommend a teacher that focuses on mechanics but also has a simple teaching method. Click link for a great piece: How to find a Golf Coach

Step 3: Buy Some Gear to Look Fresh

This is a tip for beginners and avid golf travelers. I don’t care who you are, if you look like a scrub you probably play like a scrub. Of course, I know there are many weekend hackers out there that dress like Dustin Johnson but can’t break 100. However, I’m a big believer in feeling confident and comfortable on the course. Check out Proud 90 gear and Vessel Golf Bags by clicking the embeded links.

Proud90 Gear

Hopefully the golf snobs stay away from this post as the facebook debates could get out of control. Here’s a simple explanation: A “links” (Scottish Term) golf course is built historically on sandy, wind-sculpted terrain, often covered with dunes. A vast majority of these courses are located in the UK and Ireland. A parkland course is very similar to what we’re used to in America. Perfect example is Augusta National, which we can all agree is essentially the Garden of Eden even for golfers.

Tara Iti Golf Club, New Zealand

Step 5: Pick a Country and Golf Courses

In my opinion, the best places to play golf are: The United States, Ireland, Scotland, England, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia. If your country isn’t on the list, don’t feel sad, these are just my personal favorites. There are so many wonderful courses all over the world. Once you choose your destination, pick a group of awesome travel buddies, buy your plane tickets and enjoy your adventure!

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